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4 Things Professional Movers Expect From You

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Preparing for a major move, rather domestic or international, personal or business, requires advance planning and preparation. When you hire a moving company, you have certain goals and requests in mind that you expect the crew to meet. Similarly, the crew expects clients to be ready for the relocation process by meeting criteria that are usually spelled out in the contract. If not, you should ask the moving company representative about any requirements or expectations that you should plan for when the movers arrive at your home or office.

1. Provide Clear Directions

Although most drivers have access to GPS technology to find specific locations, sometimes a house number is missing, a new home is not listed in the directory yet, or a confusing street name can complicate matters for the moving crew headed your way or to the new location. Clarify any potential quirks before moving day.

2. Ensure Unrestricted Access

Although access to your current and destination locations may seem open and accessible to you, check for possible obstacles that may hinder movers from prompt entry to either location. A barking dog or floors covered with toys or other items is annoying to anyone and can slow the professionals in their work. Remove ice or snow from steps or the driveway in cold weather, and provide a mat to catch shoe debris and to prevent slippage on indoor floors. Promptly answer the door when it’s rainy or cold to avoid the moving team having to wait.

3. Organize Furnishings for Transport

Don’t wait until the last minute to finish packing. Have everything boxed, labeled, and ready to load into the moving van before the day arrives. Double-check everything for accuracy and clarity. Professional moving crews appreciate it when the client is organized. Having everything ready for the truck will save time and keep things moving for everyone involved. For more tips related to packing, visit www.matcocalgarymovers.com

4. Avoid Last-Minute Hitches

Advance planning ensures that all the bases are covered and that everything is ready when the time comes. Questions and concerns on the day of the move can be difficult for movers to answer if they have to consult the company for information that is not readily available. Have an itinerary of moving day travel, so you will know where your belongings are until they arrive at the new location. Give the crew a copy of your itinerary if you plan to do some sightseeing along the way.

The moving crew will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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