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Satellite Tracking

The below maps show the individual spring and autumn migrations of sandhill cranes from fall 2010 to autumn 2012. The data come from 9 sandhill cranes tagged on Manitoulin Island during the summer of 2010.

To learn more about the Sandhill Cranes migration, please see Everett Hanna’s P.hD. Research.

Fall Migration 2010

Long-tailed Ducks Migration Maps

Follow along with spring migration of 74 Long-tailed Ducks below! Our Long-tailed Ducks were equipped with satellite transmitters in the Toronto Harbour and on Hamilton Bay in winter and spring, 2010 – 2013.

To learn more about the Long-tailed Duck migration, please see Philip Wilson’s M.Sc. Research.

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Scaup Migration Maps

The below maps show the spring (left) and fall (right) migration of Lesser Scaup.

To learn more about Scaup migration, please see our staff research on Greater and Lesser Scaup.

Tundra Swan Migration Maps

The below map shows migration routes of individual Tundra Swans from 1998-2012, classified by year. All location data was obtained from satellite telemetry units attached to 63 swans. 12 swans were marked at Long Point by Long Point Waterfowl during spring and autumn migration 1998-1999 (transmitting data from 1998-2000). 41 swans were marked at the Atlantic Coast by Dr. Khristi Wilkins and members of the US Fish and Wildlife Service during winter 2001-2002 (transmitting data from 2001-2004). The final 10 swans were marked during the breeding period in Alaska by Dr. Craig Ely in 2008 (transmitting data from 2008-2012).

To learn more about Tundra Swan migration, please see Katelyn Weaver’s M.Sc. Research or our past staff research on Tundra Swan migration.

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